Fast V-ray Dome Light


A small 3dsMax script used to speed up the short but repetitive process of setting up basic lighting for your scene before you go on modeling or inspecting your work. Quick showcase can be seen HERE.
The script creates a Vray Dome Light with your chosen texture applied using vrayHDRI map and optionally lets you set environment exposure settings and white balance, change invert gamma value and visibility of the background,
it can be ran from utilities\maxscript or added as a toolbar button for quicker usage.
Until "pay what you want" option becomes available it'll go for $3, and any purchase will be cherished and put in my maxscript learning fund. :)

Standard Use License
License: Standard License
Stock Assets

For personal use and one commercial project (up to 2,000 sales or 20,000 views).


One copy to be used by a single user.

Installable Tools

One installation by a single user.

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